Oct. 13th, 2014

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Both of these series are amazing.  Mistborn is 3 books long, but part of an enormous unfinished universe.  The three books stand alone though and, if you like epic fantasy at all, or plots that are masterful puzzles in any genera, read these.  Rated on 3 axies: World Building, 9/10, Plot 15/10, Characters 6/10.  The Wheel of Time seems similarly epic, slower, but more intriquete and the characters are a lot stronger in my opinion: World Building 9/10 (but very different), Plot 8/10, Characters 9/10.  The series is 14 books long however, which is... intimidating.

And there aren't any spoilers in the details below, just big-picture writing/style observations. :)

:) I finished the Mistborn series a while ago, but then had a rough and busy couple weeks.  However, wrt the end of Mistborn: IT. WAS. PERFECT!  Really in pretty much all ways I can measure, it was such a satisfying conclusion. The plot and world-building are impossibly well crafted and last quarter of the 3rd book is one ridiculous climax atop the next, paying off absolutely everything. After reading the first book, I thought, "OK, that was good...' but I probably wouldn't have continued the series if not for a very strong recommendation.  Now I pass that recommendation on with equal intensity. :)  And I'm reading the Wheel of Time series now, in part on the premise that if Brandon Sanderson pulled the ending together, it won't disappoint.

However, it's really the differences between the series that interst me/prompted me to write this entry.
More in-depth comparison, still no spoilers though. :- )


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