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I'm so sorry I forgot to take a picture on my cell phone, it only lasted a minute!  I was walking down an easement  (the passes of rough gass and shrubs under telephone lines or above pipes that require occasional vehicular access) at midday and it was very sunny, but there were a few thuderclouds threatening, though not overwhelming the sky.  They burst out in a warm one-minute downpour, and a girl, a kid who was playing in her back yard nearby shouted to me, "look, a rainbow!"  I looked in her direction and, between us, there was, not one but a series of increasingly clear partial arc rainbows - the one furthest to the right being the most shockingly bright rainbow I'd ever seen.  The mist creating them was thick since the warm leaves kept the moisture of the downpour in the air longer.  I observed the rainbow for a moment, but then kept walking down the easement.  It was still raining in scattered downpours, thundering even, and there was a flash directly above me, but the lightning remained above and what came down instead was a new ray of rainbow that shot down and anchored in the ground beneath me, passing through me, and I could feel it, though it was not solid like fabric, much more like light warms you or a magnetic field might raise the hairs on your arms.  It was not solid, but it was as vibrant as the most vibrant rainbow before, and more ribbons shot down all around in the easement where light penetrated to the ground, and all of these rays anchored in the ground - maybe a dozen altogether.  They were thin, no more than five inches across the span of the colors and did not seem to stop just above or even at the ground, though I knew they could not have really penetrated the soil in any way.   Still, I was surprised that I could see where they met the ground as most rainbows I've seen have had edges that fade out, gradually, and I felt like these would be the kind inspiring people to believe their might be gold in the ground beneath the anchors.  But, what was most beautiful... When a rainbow arc would have hit a tree on the fringe of the easement instead of proceeding unobstructed to the ground, instead it wound about the tree in a tighter and tighter spiral containing the whole tree, tightening in diameter like a cone around the base of the tree where it constricted around the tree in a semi transparent, but incredibly bright ring, the stripes of the colors parallel to the ground.  The kid had run into the easement and up to one of the brighter spiraling rainbows, she saw that I looked confused and commented that "they have to spiral since they cannot have an end, but since the space is finite, they must coil infinitely at the base."  Which made sense in an odd way, like a particle in a box...  But the downpours had stopped and the rainbows were fading.  I wished that I had a camera, and then realized that my cell phone would do, but by the time I got it out of my pocket and into camera mode, nothing remained bright enough for my cell-phone resolution to capture.  So, no picture! sorry!

also, it was a dream... so I'm not sure how well the film would have developed.  But, god it was beautiful! 
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