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In short: a month ago today, the New Museum of Mathematics opened in Manhattan, NY. 
Soon after that, I received an email with this video of the MoMath Opening
Soon after that, I applied... then an interview :) ... then a job offer :D... and, a couple days ago, I accepted the offer! :D!!!
I'm going to be an Education Coordinator at the museum starting in February!
I'm planning to move to an apt off the PATH line in New Jersey, since PATH drops right into Manhattan at Madison Sq. Park where the museum is located.
So if you want to visit me and/or the new museum sometime after March 1st, just email me regarding 'crash space'.  I <3 NY, but It's more than a little terrifying to be uprooting and relocating so suddenly! I am definitely going to miss friends in Boston, and I'd love to have you all visit! 

About the Museum:
I owe George Hart (who unfortunately left the museum a while back) an email congratulating him on this project.  The museum is beautiful -- beyond beautiful.  The exhibits are non-trivially interactive (far beyond pushing buttons), and the math is exquisitely well presented. 
Every day that I was at the museum, it was teaming with patrons thrilled by the beauty and interactivity of the math around them. There's also a lot of depth across the museum, and the details of many exhibits are intended for more mathematically experienced audiences.  For instance, I got caught for a couple hours at the aperiodic Penrose tiling table. :)
About my job:
I had been planning to search out jobs that I'd be happy at for 2-4 years: teaching at a school and/or starting a master's program.  But... with this job, I could honestly see myself sticking around indefinitely if they promoted me after a couple years, etc. I love the mission, the need, the potential for impact...  As an "Education Coordinator," I'll be designing curricula to meet whatever classes of students have arranged to visit the museum (mainly middle and high school but also elementary school and adult groups) and teaching those classes when they come! In the long run, I'll get to help the museum choose and begin new outreach programs. 
I feel kind of giddy, honestly, whenever I think about it. ;-)

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