Oct. 25th, 2014

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Being in the right place and having enough time to draw a real picture is hard.  But a few months ago, I found myself really wanting to draw more, and eventually I also found a good compromise: a phone app called "Draw Something." It's effectively digital pictionary, or at least that's the intent.  The best part of the app is that, when you receive a picture, it plays out a 3x speed video of the picture being drawn, instead of just showing you the final image. I like both the drawing and the watching other people draw - trying to guess their word as quickly as possible.  You also get to see your partner watch your drawing and guess your word - an again sped up movie of them putting the letters in place when they realize what the picture is (or sometimes trying and getting it wrong a few times first.)

On top of that, I've been abusing the program in a way - using it to draw entire scenes in addition to communicating the word. :) There's a limit to how much "ink" you can use (which prevents me from spending forever on a single picture).  And there's also an immediate objective and audience every time I draw.  It's been a pretty perfect solution.

Here are some examples, and more of my pictures are hidden below.  And if you think this sounds interesting and want to try it, maybe invite me to play a game with you (my username is "ch12cooh"), or I can invite you if you let me know you're intersted.

app link

Sushi, Mars, Sphinx, Hayride, Ocean...


More pictures! )
And here are a few pictures that other people on Draw Something drew for me:



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